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Here are some of the questions we normally get:

Will stains come back?

Stains can return during the drying process.  It doesn't happen too often because we take care to not leave the carpet too wet.  If it does happen, we will return at no cost.  Urine stains are prone to reappear.  

Steam cleaning vs dry cleaning

Steam cleaning removes more dirt but requires a longer dry time.  The dryer methods of cleaning are effective for maintenance purposes and quick dry times.  These low moisture methods are ineffective for removing urine.

What to do with urine stains?

Most of the time urine stains come out with normal steam cleaning.  Urine stains are prone to return.  We will come back at no charge if stains return right away.  A lot of times people will clean the stains themselves making the stains worse.

Does the grout need sealing?

Sealing the grout is helpful if the customer tries to keep the floor clean.  So, sealing the grout is not required and is a way to save money. Most people have it sealed.  

How fast does the carpet dry?

There will be an inconvenience to getting the carpet wet.  It's best to set up a fan and leave windows open.  Dry times vary, but the carpet always dries the same day.  A carpet's thickness, amount of soiling, humidity are all things that affect dry times.   We can leave shoe coverings if the carpet needs to be walked on.

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