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Pet Urine

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Little accidents can be cleaned up using an absorbent rag and hot water. Just rub the stain with the wet rag, rinse the rag a few times and that should do the trick. There are some good enzyme deodorizers that can be bought from a local janitorial supply store.

There are three strategies I use to remove the urine and odor. Firstly, normal steam cleaning removes urine. The urine will dissolve in the hot water and be extracted. The problem is when the urine is in the carpet backing and the padding. Most problems I come across are fixed with a good steam cleaning. Sometimes I schedule a return trip to give the carpet a thorough deodorizing. Once the carpet is clean and dry, the deodorizer will be absorbed into the backing. This the least expensive method and is quite effective.

The second strategy I use involves pulling the carpet back and replacing carpet padding. Urine stains show up on the backing of the carpet making it easy to treat all the affected areas with deodorizer. The carpet is then reinstalled and steam cleaned. This method makes sense when the carpet is more expensive and there is no risk of more accidents.

There is a third option. The carpet can be thoroughly treated with an enzyme type deodorizer without pulling any carpet up. After the product soaks for 40 minutes, the carpet is cleaned as usual. This method avoids the large expense of pulling up several rooms of carpet.

carpet repairs, pet urine, pad replacement
Here we are reinstalling the carpet after replacing the padding

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