Solving bad pet urine problems

Sometimes a dog or cat will pick a particular spot to urinate.  This will lead to the urine soaking the carpet backing and padding.  If this is the case, steam cleaning and deodorizing won't work.  We can fix the problem in four simple steps.


1)  Pull back the carpet and remove the affected padding and tack strip.

2)  Lay plastic on the floor where the padding was removed to create a pool in order to soak the carpet in a product designed to remove pet odors and stains.

3)  Extract all the solution and put in new padding and tack strip.

4)  Re-install the carpet and do a final extraction.


This job had two bad spots.

Here the padding and tack strip has been removed.

The carpet soaks for 30 minutes in a hot solution for pet odor and stains.

The excess solution has been extracted, pad and tack strip replaced.

The removed padding creates a hole to create a carpet bath.

The carpet is installed.  It may take a couple days to dry out.

The customer on this job was very happy.   He plans to replace all the carpet but this was a great way to buy some time.  

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